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Robert Speker is creator of the innovative Care Home Album Covers project which has gained international recognition and viral social media coverage.


As Activities Co-ordinator at Sydmar Lodge Care Home and photographer/ videographer, he is a dedicated, hard-working and passionate leader with a multitude of experience managing and coordinating activities in the care sector including adults with learning difficulties and the elderly. He strives to go the extra mile in every aspect of his work in order to support and fulfil the lives of the more vulnerable in our society to enable them to achieve their full potential and encourage them to get the most out of every opportunity.


Skilled in non-profit organisations, management and event management, fundraising and healthcare, Robert has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Television Technology and Production from Birmingham City University.


2020 National Care Awards - Activities Co-ordinator Award, Finalist

2019 London Boroughs of Barnet, Brent and Haringey - Activities Co-ordinator of the Year, Winner

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Robert and the Media

  • Article for Care Talk Magazine (Sept 2020)


  • Podcast with Voices Podcast, HappyCo (10th Aug 2020)


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