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"Lord above me knows I love you

It was he who brought me through,

When my way was dark as night,

He would shine His brightest light,

When I was trying to get to you"


Trying to Get to You,

From the album Elvis Presley by Elvis Presley



This album cover recreation was the first photo in the Care Home Album Covers series which Robert Speker took on 14th June 2020. Robert had an idea in his mind that he wanted Sheila to recreate Elvis Presley's self-named debut album from 1956. In place of the guitar, Robert asked Sheila to use her walking stick, a playful reference to her version of air guitar. Robert wanted this image to be simple and hoped it would be enough to convey the Elvis pose, whilst capturing Sheila's personality. Robert only took four photos, and this turned out to be the easiest of all the photoshoots. After a quick edit to black and white, and crop, it was completed the same day.

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