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"Storm the master marathon I'll fly through

By flash and thunder fire I'll survive

(I'll survive, I'll survive)

Then I'll defy the laws of nature

And come out alive"


Seven Seas of Rhye, from the album Queen II by Queen



This album cover recreation was the sixth photo in the Care Home Album Covers series, and recreated Queen's 1974 album Queen II. The recreation was a really important one in the Care Home Album Covers series. Robert really wanted to use carers in a recreation, not only to highlight the carers at Sydmar Lodge, but all carers and care home workers throughout the world who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic with very little acknowledgement. Robert encouraged four carers to participate during their shift. At first, he wanted them wearing the masks that they wore when dealing with the residents, but then he decided that the only reference was the carer at the forefront wearing gloves. This was Covid-compliant at the time of shooting when masks were not as obligatory as they are now. Robert also chose to change the angle of the lighting to create a more eerie feel to the photo.

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